Daniel Gaweda

(aka Gweedo)

On Tuesday October 30 2012, Daniel Gaweda, deeply loved husband, father and member of the pastoral team at Christchurch Newport, died.

Eight days earlier Dan had been working out at a local gym when he collapsed and lost consciousness. He had not been unwell, nor was there any indication that this would be the way his life would end. He suffered an enormous bleed to the left side of his brain and despite the wonderful care and treatment he received at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Dan never regained consciousness. He was 33.

One of the most immediate reactions to Dan’s death has been the overwhelming desire to care for Dan’s family. Many have been in touch with Christchurch asking if there was some way in which they could financially assist Cat, and his young children: Noah, Leah, Caitlin and Hudson, as they continue their lives without Dan.

As moved as we are by the magnitude of this desire, we are not at all surprised by its presence. Dan believed that God had called him to serve the needy and the vulnerable, to adorn the gospel of his Saviour Jesus Christ through works of mercy, charity and love, and no one who had the privilege of knowing Dan could remain unaffected by his desire to care for those in need. His death has presented us all with an opportunity to continue his work; beginning with those who will mourn his loss most acutely - Cat and the children.

As a church family, Christchurch is committed to caring for this precious family; we are determined to ensure their needs are always met. However due to the vast desire expressed from within and without the church, we believe it is the right thing to do to provide an opportunity and means for others to contribute in this way if they so desire.

If you would like to make a donation toward blessing Cat and the kids please use the link below, or should you desire to begin a monthly support please email gawedasupport@christchurchnewport.org.